Different people need different therapies in life some people like to run, some ride, some garden or paint but others drive.  As corny as it sounds, when Vin Diesel spoke those immortal lines “I live my life a quarter mile at a time, nothing else matters” that really is what we are talking about here.  Whether your attacking a circuit for that one perfect lap, mastering a 360o spin around an obstacle or balancing the throttle through a tight sprint course’s turns, that really is all that matters at that moment.  Your 100% focus, your unwavering determination to be the fastest you can be and the need to find your perfect lap that’s what matters at that moment and that’s why real drivers need to drive.  BattleAuto aims to give our readers an insight into this world of perfection seeking drivers, getting into what motivates them, what they wouldn’t race without and what their goals are.  We aim to deliver an interactive and sometimes immersive experience through the use of click links, embedded video and even, once perfected virtual reality hot laps.  This will really blow your mind.  Imagine a passenger ride on that perfect lap of Circuit of The Americas or a dizzying spin around a Formula G Track without leaving your sofa.  This we are particularly excited about.  We love the Motorsport we report on.  We really do and we believe you will too. You are going to see Racecars you havent seen before, Teams you might not of heard of and adverts from businesses you normally wouldn’t see.  Its going to be awesome, some of the fastest Racecars in the world all in one place.  Enjoy.

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